Para Modules (Alfresco Add-Ons)

Para Modules are simple Alfresco add-ons to enhance your system.

Modules are paid once or annually to continue receiving updates & feature enhancements. The licence is for an organisation with unlimited users & copies. Users get access to GitLab for the source code, updates & issue tracking. Prices are displayed in USD & are exclusive of GST for Australian customers.

AlfStream Synchronization

Replicate & scale operations from one Alfresco to many through synchronization.

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Document Linking

Link documents from multiple
locations, without having to copy
or duplicate them.

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Quick Print

Print documents directly from
your browser, without having to
download them.

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Custom Versioning

Versioning can begin with any
pair of numbers, such as 0.1
or any number that is appropriate.

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OnlyOffice Integration

Lets you edit any Word or Google
Document in your browser, without
installing any software.

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Document Deduplication

Similar content is easily identified
via a ‘similar documents’ panel
that is added to your system.

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Site Restrictions

Restrict Share site creation to
a specific group of users and
a restriction on creating folders.

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Map Picker

Define an area on a map to see
which documents or images
are based in that particular area.

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Dynamic List

Adjust the list constraints of
property fields, without having to
redeploy a content model.

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Periodic Document Review

Specify a time in the future that
you want a document to be
placed under review.

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PDF Toolkit

PDF Toolkit for Alfresco adds
functionality that allows you to
work with PDF files within Alfresco.

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Etherpad Integration

Users can now edit HTML
documents within Etherpad lite
from Alfresco Share.

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Exchange Integration

Synchronise your folders from an
Alfresco Share Calendar to a your
personal Exchange Calendar.

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Alfresco Orbeon Forms Persistence

Alfresco and Orbeon Forms
integration module

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