Compliance made easy

Parashift specifically developed Alfresco VERS in conjunction with the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV) to ensure that the Alfresco platform is fully VERS certified.

Formed in 1995, the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) addressed the critical need for supporting agencies to correctly document, manage and preserve authentic digital records.

Through the VERS certified compliance program, agencies agree to the mandated standards and specifications required to convert their digital records into the necessary long-term formats required.

By capitalizing on the platform’s natural intuitiveness for the Australian market, Alfresco VERS takes the hard work and stress away from record management, for organizations and agencies impacted by the compliance requirements.

Easy to use by all staff, records can be automatically filed based on their classification. They are protected by permission levels, to ensure that specific records are only made accessible to users as deemed appropriate.

Alfresco VERS is suitable for agencies in Victoria, South Australia and New Zealand. It is ideal for small departments and agencies, who are looking at simplifying their knowledge management.

Alfresco VERS Features:

  • PROV certified in 2014
  • In place record management
  • VERS Bridge to connect Alfresco to other record management systems, such as HPE Content Manager, Record Point or Tech One
  • VERS Specification 1: System Requirements for Preserving Electronic Records
  • VERS Specification 2: VERS Metadata scheme
  • VERS Specification 3: VERS Electronic Record Format
  • VERS Specification 4: VERS Long Term Preservation Formats
  • VERS Specification 5: Export of Electronic Records to PROV

Alfresco VERS Module Technical Specifications

The Alfresco VERS module combines Alfresco Governance Services with the VERS standard.

Why would I need it?
You would need this module if:

  • If you have a governance requirement to implement VERS within your department
  • You want to export records to PROV at some point in the future
  • You want to be able to verify and validate records at a future point, using an open standard to support this

How does it work?
A lot of the heavy lifting of VERS comes from the existing Alfresco Governance Services module. This module was developed by Alfresco due to the need to implement records management for their clients. AGS (Alfresco Governance Services) adds a completely different site and set of behaviours based around Records Management. This is implemented as a module which includes behaviours for RM related features: disposition schedule, audit log, etc.


The VERS module builds upon the core services provided by AGS and includes extra functionality required to make it fully VERS 2.0 compliant. This is implemented as a standard Alfresco Module and deployed as an AMP to an Alfresco instance. The extra features work in tandem with AGS to provide the needed features:

VEO File Export/Import

The VERS module allows for records within Alfresco to be stored as nodes and exported as a signed VERS Encapsulated Object file. A VEO file is part of the VERS standard and includes XML files.

Internally VERS records are stored as normal nodes, with their metadata stored within the database. When a request to export a VEO file is made, then the VERS module will combine the metadata, and binary content, producing a signed XML VEO.

If a VEO file is being imported, then the signature is of the VEO is validated, and the nodes are created within Alfresco as per normal Alfresco nodes. In this way the VERS module is simply responsible for marshalling and unmarshalling of VEO files, and providing the structure within Alfresco to support htis