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As Australia’s leading Alfresco partner, we provide new and renewal Alfresco licences on an annual subscription basis. Additionally, for pricing certainty, pricing can be locked-in for up to three years, and paid either upfront or annually.

Licences are available for:


  • Alfresco One (Departmental & Enterprise)
  • Alfresco Records Management Module
  • Alfresco Media Management Module
  • Activiti
  • Document Transformation Server
  • Outlook Client
  • Amazon S3 connector

Project Services

Parashift offers innovative Alfresco-centric project services, client centric document, record and digital asset management solutions. Our innovative approach is to challenge the status quo, to not only address the problems you know about, but also those challenges you may not be aware of yet.

Our services range from a simple “vanilla” deployment of Alfresco integrated with LDAP / Active Directory, to complex integrations with line of business applications, and bespoke Alfresco systems with customisation and configuration services.

Parashift’s service delivery team are passionate, client centric and qualified, with years of experience in their field of expertise. All our engineers are Alfresco certified, having achieved either ACE or ACA. Parashift is a proud employer of Australians, and all development occurs at our head office in Adelaide.

Our projects blend PRINCE2, Agile and Prosci methodologies, to provide a comprehensive customer oriented engagement, balanced with quality outcomes.

Our work is undertaken in a repetitive process of Agile-based sprints, time-boxed between one to four weeks, depending on the complexity and scale of work required. Regardless of the sprint length, each follows the same process of:


  • Requirements gathering and confirmation
  • Solution Design
  • Development
  • Testing/Quality Assurance
  • Demonstration
  • Deployment


Parashift offers expertise with integrating Alfresco to other systems, from simple integrations, such as to Active Directory, LDAP and Single Sign-On (using SAML for example), all the way to tight integrations with closed legacy systems.

Examples of integrations include: Sirsi Dynix, OnlyOffice, LiquidPlanner, Zoho, Zendesk, Orbeon Forms, Google Maps and Oracle.


Out-of-the-box, Alfresco provides value as an ECM, from document storage, version control, permissions and basic workflows. However, some minor changes may be required to better fit your organisation’s needs, through the Administrator console. Our knowledge from previous deployments and best practice means value can be achieved and without much cost.


Should your organisation require a behaviour that cannot be achieved out-of-the-box or through configuration, Parashift offers customisation services. As Alfresco is open source and uses open standards, our Alfresco certified engineers and administrators can design and deliver the outcomes you require.

Development goes through a rigid business requirement process, complete with user stories and test plans, and all the work is independently tested before being delivered.

Project Quality

As the saying goes, you are only as good as your last project. With this in mind, we take pride in the quality of our work. All of our development work goes through an exhaustive quality assurance process before it is deployed to your production server.

Our test plans are written in collaboration with you and are ratified before any development work is completed. Once the engineers finish their work, they are required to unit test it, and pass it to their manager for review and sign off.

If it passes the unit testing and review, the work then moves to a specialist external company for system testing against the ratified test plan. A requirements based test strategy is used, with black box testing techniques to provide a truly independent verification of the software. If successful, our team then demonstrates the work to you, on your test environment, so you can conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Our testing is fully transparent, where you, as the client, have full access to our testing reports.

Should the work not meet the high standards set out within the ratified test plan, the development work is sent back to the relevant engineer to remediate the work, and the entire process begins again.

Change Management

Organisational change management is about working with your staff to ensure they adapt efficiently to their new working environment. This extends to more than just training end users and showing them what to do – it includes identifying and preparing change agents, as well as helping project stakeholders to understand the influence that they exert on the success of the project.

We apply the following well-structured process, which we assist you with:

  • Work out the size of the change and what it means to your staff
  • Identify and prepare the change agents in your organisation
  • Define the key messages, and how and when to express them
  • Develop a resistance management plan
  • Implement the change management plan
  • Assess the results, providing corrective action where required.

The benefits of this approach are that everyone in the organisation ends up understanding the purpose of the project, as well as how they can use the system to help them achieve greater efficiencies.

Support Services

At the end of the project, Parashift offers a range of support levels for every level, from a help desk that is there to help you when you need it, to a managed service, and anywhere in between.

Our support services come in four levels:




Ideal for customers who are self managed, but require help from time-to-time.




For customers that are
self managed, but in
need of expert
assistance regularly.




For organisations wanting to outsource their day-to-day management & operations.




For customers that require a bespoke level of service and support based on their needs.