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AlfStream Alfresco Synchronization Alfresco Cloud Sync Replacement – AlfStream 31 August, 2018 by Kieren Fitzpatrick Posted in: Blog - Goodbye, Alfresco Cloud Sync 🙁 There has been much change in the land of Alfresco: staff in and out, new regional pricing, a sale to private equity, as well as many feature retirements. In this blog, we will cover off one of the upcoming feature retirements – Cloud Sync, a favourite feature that helps organisations […]
2017 – The Year That Was 20 December, 2017 by Kieren Fitzpatrick Posted in: Blog - As I begin to pen my annual company blog, it dawns on me how quickly the time has come around again. It does add truth to the adage that the older one gets, the quicker time goes by. Now in our fifth year of operation, Parashift has once again enjoyed spectacular growth, with several new […]
Need Alfresco intelligent business reporting? AlfBI 25 October, 2017 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Is your business intelligence giving you the answers? The question was deceptively simple: “How much did we make out of the event?” The fact that everyone around the table remained silent was probably the most telling answer – no one could give the Chairman any figure. Was it because they had not finished the books, […]
Paperless Document Management Systems – Alfresco ECM 13 September, 2017 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - THE PAPERLESS OFFICE – DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS FOR DATA CAPTURE, STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL In one of our previous blogs titled Alfresco Document Management – going paperless we presented the business case for moving towards a paperless office by adopting the many benefits of an efficient document management system. Please note, by going paperless we are […]
Parashift announces partnership with the History Trust of South Australia 08 September, 2017 by Kieren Fitzpatrick Posted in: Blog - Parashift is pleased to welcome the History Trust of South Australia to the Parashift family. Here at Parashift, we appreciate the value in history, as the saying goes, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santanyana
Parashift announces partnership with Swan Hill Rural Council 21 July, 2017 by Kieren Fitzpatrick Posted in: Blog - Parashift is proud to announce our new partnership with Victorian local government’s, Swan Hill Rural Council to support their digital knowledge management platform, Alfresco. Parashift Managing Director, Kieren Fitzpatrick, said: “Parashift has a strong background in Alfresco development, with an impressive record in developing Australian-based enhancements such as VERS certification for Alfresco, and the internationally […]
Alfresco Document Management – going paperless 12 July, 2017 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ― Albert Einstein They say a messy desk is either a sign of a creative and productive mind or that of an unorganized and confused mind. I am not going to take sides here – […]
Parashift announces partnership with the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia 07 July, 2017 by Kieren Fitzpatrick Posted in: Blog - Parashift is pleased to announce a partnership with the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia (AHCSA) to support the Council’s current and long term knowledge management needs. AHCSA was established in 1981 with the purpose to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. AHCSA is the peak health body for Aboriginal […]
Alfresco document / content management solves the Shared Drive nightmare. 29 June, 2017 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Shared drives have been the staple diet of organizations to store and share documents across departments for a long time. They are simple to use, because people already know how to create folders and store files in their hard drive (otherwise known as C:\ in the Microsoft world). Connecting a drive across the network can […]
A Disaster Recovery Plan that’s quick and affordable 04 April, 2017 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Disasters never make for good dinner conversations. Too often small to medium organisations avoid preparing for disaster recovery because of the perceived cost and time associated with it. In this blog, we take a very real look at disaster recovery and the need for a business continuity plan, and we show you how a simple […]
Synchronize Alfresco – Scale your Content Management 23 March, 2017 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - AlfStream, the latest Alfresco Add-On released by Parashift, is an efficient and cost effective solution for Alfresco replication needs, that can easily scale and synchronize Alfresco from one instance to many. Suitable for all Alfresco versions.
Hybrid ECM – a growing trend 11 December, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Every year, around this time of the year, we take our crystal ball out, we give it a good polish, we look into it and it helps us make predictions in and around our industry – say in twelve months, or two or three years from now, how will people manage their content? What problems […]
Recovering a deleted user’s group membership within Alfresco 23 November, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - Within alfresco, when you delete a user, their authorities and group memberships are removed from the database. If you need to restore this from a database backup, you can restore this user’s membership manually. This article describes that process. A Note on Alfresco’s LDAP Synchronisation One of the lesser known properties of LDAP Synchronisation within […]
UPSERT in PostgreSQL 9.5 08 November, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - One of the new features of PostgreSQL 9.5 is UPSERT. UPSERT is short hand for UPDATE or INSERT and deals with conflicts of constraints within a database table. There are times, when inserting new rows into a database table, that you may be hitting a unique value constraint or another conflict. This is generally caused […]
Successfully implementing an ECM 23 October, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - When our clients choose Alfresco as an ECM, they typically do so because it ticks the boxes of their requirements – open source, open standards, flexibility, scalability, user friendliness, configurability, “integratability”, value, and so on. But it is one thing to have a system installed and working, and a completely different one to have people […]
Custom Editors in Alfresco Share 12 October, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - In our most recent tech blog, we stepped through the process of creating a custom preview. In this blog, we’ll be expanding upon this to include a custom editor: We’ll build upon the markdown preview code to include an editor of markdown. For those who want to cheat instead of following along, the code can be found […]
Custom Previews in Alfresco Share 30 August, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - With our new version of the OnlyOffice module, we have recently added the ability to preview OnlyOffice documents directly from the document details page. To do this we had to implement a new preview type, and override the preview that was shown. While there exists some example source code and a blog around how to […]
Customer Spotlight: Nunkuwarrin Yunti 16 August, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Nunkuwarrin Yunti were Parashift’s very first, not-for-profit (NFP), Alfresco Community converted; customer. Therefore, we get a little nostalgic when we present their case study to the world. Nunkuwarrin Yunti have always been a ‘champion’ organisation. They are always willing to go the extra mile to assist their employees in working more effectively and efficiently. By […]
Para Module: Dynamic List Module 25 July, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - This week at Parashift, we launched another Para Module – Dynamic List. The newest addition to our ever growing list of modules, makes both Alfresco and your life simpler. So what is the Dynamic List module you ask? Don’t worry I’m here to tell you. Currently in Alfresco, if you want to modify the content […]
Centralise your Digital Assets 20 July, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Digitisation programs have become common practice in many industries, largely for the preservation of collections for both present and future generations. You may have begun, finished, or are yet to start the digitisation process, but regardless of what stage you are at, the challenge of having your collections stored and made available when required is […]
Alfresco was chosen to help NSW in its goal to be the leading state for resource & energy exploration 12 July, 2016 by Kieren Fitzpatrick Posted in: Blog - The NSW Department of Industry is the lead economic development agency in New South Wales, with over 6000 employees. The department is responsible for driving sustainable economic growth across the state. They achieve results by collaborating with and supporting businesses, industries and communities to advance investment, trade, innovation, productivity and regional growth across all sectors. […]
Adding a Custom Action to Share’s Faceted Search 28 June, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - One of the feature requests we received for our Quick Print module was to have the ability to View and Print PDFs directly from the Search page, so when you search for documents, you can easily print out a PDF from the results page without having to go into the document details. Alfresco version 5.0 and above […]
Para Modules Spotlight: Quick Print Module 14 June, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - “I see how a small investment such as the Quick Print module will provide large time and cost savings”. James Helms, Purchasing Manager – Contech Control Services, USA One of the most common requests we get at Parashift is for the ability to print documents within Alfresco, without having to download them first. The current […]
Alfresco Module Management 30 May, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - At Parashift, we deploy and run a large number of different Alfresco instances for different clients, and it can be unwieldy managing different versions of AMPs and Alfresco for each different environment. In order to provide a rapid response and ensure we’re always up to date, we’ve paid lots of attention to the deployment process […]
Para Module: Periodic Document Review 11 May, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - It’s been a busy month here at Parashift, we have been working on a new plan to bring Para Modules to the world in a more convenient and cost friendly way. And to celebrate all our hard work, we have released another module. The Periodic Document Review module. The set of default tasks provided out-of-the-box […]
Why Choose Alfresco? 04 May, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Last week, Alfresco Australia sent an email to their client base containing three industry analyst reports on the current ECM market and its players. The reports included were Forrester, Gartner and 451 Research. It was explained that their in-depth analysis would give users the critical objective perspective needed to choose the best ECM for your […]
Stream Processing with Alfresco 18 April, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - One of the challenges we have is the ability to integrate with external systems into Alfresco, keeping them in sync. Trim, Sharepoint, Line of business applications, all could perceivably have a need to receive updates from Alfresco when they happen. We have invented a new way of subscribing to updates within Alfresco via what we […]
Persisting Alfresco Properties 28 March, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - Sometimes you want to store some values that are persisted across reboots but may change from time to time. You may want a simple key/value store, or a list of things that effects the administration. There are a few ways about this, each with their drawbacks: Create a new folder in the Data Dictionary to […]
Media Release: Parashift brings people and process together at Australia’s largest pharmaceutical company specialising in dermatology 16 March, 2016 by Kieren Fitzpatrick Posted in: Blog - South Australian technology company, Parashift, today announced they have been selected to help Ego Pharmaceuticals bring their people and processes together with a document management system (DMS). Ego Pharmaceuticals’ existing document management tool was not cost effective, difficult to use and lacked functionality. Ego Pharmaceuticals deemed it was time for a generational change in the […]
Para Modules: VERS/SARKMS 08 March, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - This week Parashift launched our most anticipated module – VERS/SARKMS. Our customers have been using this module since we received certification in August 2014. So, you may ask what is VERS/SARKMS? Chances are if you are from Victoria or South Australia, you would have a fair idea about what these acronyms mean. But in case […]
Para Modules: Document Deduplication & OnlyOffice Integration 03 March, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Another two modules were launched this week at Parashift HQ – Document Deduplication and OnlyOffice Integration. The two latest additions now add up to a total of six released modules. Keep your eyes peeled for more over the coming weeks. Document Deduplication Content is growing at an exponential rate. In order to help manage this […]
Para Modules: Custom Versioning & Map Picker 11 February, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - This week at Parashift, we launched another two Para Modules. Custom Versioning and Map Picker. The two new additions continue to expand of our never ending collection of add-ons; for not only the Alfresco suite, but other Enterprise Content Management systems. Custom Versioning Documents are the lifeblood of any organisation, and the need to collaborate […]
Para Modules: Document Linking & Quick Print 29 January, 2016 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - What are Para Modules? Document Linking & Quick Print explained. This week Parashift decided to launch our very own, Para Modules. And in particular the Document Linking and Quick Print modules. Since our inception, Parashift has designed and built outstanding solutions for our clients delivering an ever richer feature set than what is available out-of-the […]
Recovering Deleted Files in Alfresco 26 January, 2016 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - A common question is how to recover files that have been deleted from Alfresco. Before a file is actually deleted on disk there are a number of points where a file can be recovered before actually being deleted. Depending on your own environment, you may find some of this information useful if you are ever […]
Alfresco Records Management vs HP TRIM/Records Manager 16 December, 2015 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Driven by stricter regulations and the need for greater levels of transparency, organisations are attempting to implement records management solutions that can help with compliance and information governance. Compliance matters, audits and governance issues can arise at any time. Missing or incomplete records, or records which lack integrity, can have far reaching consequences. Today, organisations […]
What does Alfresco Integrate into? Alfresco Integration Explained 09 December, 2015 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - To fully adopt an enterprise content management system, you want all your content tools to be integrated. This is exactly what Alfresco does. Alfresco ensures that the outcome of every ECM project is integrated with your favourite tools to work seamlessly with the system. Alfresco was designed to be highly flexible and integratable, leveraging the […]
Detecting Duplicates and Related Items in Alfresco 23 November, 2015 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - Content is growing at an exponential rate. In order to help manage this problem, it makes sense that we should be able to identify duplicate or near duplicate content, whether that be files, documents or even audio/visual media. We might want the system to automatically deal with these, or maybe we want to notify a […]
Costs Associated with Open Source Explained 18 November, 2015 by Kieren Fitzpatrick Posted in: Blog - Open source platforms have been part of the IT industry for quite some time now and cost has long been the driver for adoption. Anyone using an open source platform knows that there are several key motivators to using them. Open source software is often issued under a general public license (GPL) that allows copies […]
7 Noteworthy Ways to Reduce your Records Management Budget 11 November, 2015 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - The rigour of an organisation’s records management system is typically only put to the test when something goes wrong. Compliance matters, audits and governance issues can arise at any time. If records are missing, are incomplete or lack integrity, the consequences can be great. Many organisations turn to storing their records in a storage facility […]
Parashift’s Animated Thumbnails for Alfresco: XThumb 04 November, 2015 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - Across virtually every Digital Asset Management system the process of identifying an asset is the same. This process has evolved in recent years from simply searching for files through metadata tags, to the use of static thumbnails to visually determine what is in a file. All great solutions to a small portion of the problem. […]
Real Time Collaboration in Alfresco 27 October, 2015 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - One of the challenges of working remotely is the ability to collaborate without stepping on each other’s toes.  When creating and collaborating on documents, you need to ensure that the version you have is up to date, and any new versions you put in will be current by the time you make changes.  Alfresco is […]
Alfresco Vs Nuxeo 18 September, 2015 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Documents are the life blood of any organisation. So it is no wonder organisations are always looking for ways to manage these documents, and this creates a need for an efficient enterprise content management system. Alternatives such as SharePoint have previously been regarded as the ECM of choice purely because it’s the closest system to […]
4 Ways to Free up your Money for I.T Initiatives 20 May, 2015 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Freeing up money for IT initiatives doesn’t have to be hard. You need to be your own strongest budget critic. The Enterprise Project asked some top IT executives their most creative ways to save money and spend it where it matters. Here is what they said: OUTSOURCE TO FREE UP TIME & MONEY FOR INNOVATION […]
Open Source – More Popular than you think 14 May, 2015 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Each year North Bridge and Black Duck Software conduct their annual ‘Future of Open Source Survey’. Last week the software companies released their 9th annual survey results, which shed light on open source software (OSS) trends on a yearly basis. The results have revealed that there has been an increased adoption of open source solutions […]
How to Lead a Successful Digital Transformation 16 April, 2015 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Digital transformation refers to the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Digital transformation may be thought as the third stage of embracing digital technologies: digital competence → digital literacy → digital transformation. Leading a business through transformations can be hard, however, Parashift are here to help. We have summarised some key recommendations to successfully lead a digital transformation: […]
Cloud Pricing Explained 24 March, 2015 by Kieren Fitzpatrick Posted in: Blog - Deciding to transition your business to the cloud can be scary. Once the decision is made, there are still some final questions which need to be asked. Not too many organisations understand how cloud pricing works, of course, unless you are the IT Manager. I’m here to help you with the pricing components of moving […]
6 Common Reasons Modernisation Projects Fail 10 December, 2014 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Following last week’s blog on ‘Why your Legacy System is holding your Business back’, you may be considering getting rid of your old legacy system. While modernising your organisation is the answer to all your problems relating to cost, time and modern technology, many modernisation projects can fail if they are not correctly performed. I […]
4 Compelling Reasons why your Legacy System is holding your Business back! 04 December, 2014 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - Do you get a headache when you reminisce on the time and effort that was involved in the implementation of the system that your company currently uses? If so, you probably live by the mantra, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ – am I right? What if I told you that keeping your legacy […]
Alfresco VS SharePoint 30 November, 2014 by Henri Guillaume Posted in: Blog - *Updated for 2016* In any organisation, the need to efficiently collaborate and communicate in a timely manner is becoming increasingly important. Some users turn to SharePoint, as it is the product that is closest to the software that they already use. But what we often get asked here at Parashift is, why choose Alfresco? And […]
Alfresco to Exchange Integration 24 July, 2014 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - At Parashift one of our philosophies is the ability to integrate with all types of software. To that end we have developed a pre-release module for integration into an Exchange Calendar. We are providing at this stage to gather feedback, which you can do by leaving a comment below. With that in mind, this is […]
Publishing blogs from Alfresco to Drupal 7 23 July, 2014 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - Both Alfresco and Drupal are great platforms for delivering content to users. Sometimes though, you want to be able to publish content from Alfresco to Drupal 7. Alfresco Share’s Blog module allows users to create and publish blogs within an Alfresco site. Out of the box, you can also publish blogs to both WordPress and […]
The Heartbleed Bug 11 April, 2014 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - The Heartbleed bug is a critical security vulnerability in OpenSSL.  This bug allows an attacker to read information from a server without any authorisation or any trace.  While there is already a fix available, there will be a considerable time lag before we will see complete resolution across the Internet. Parashift has already confirmed that […]
WebDAV with Basic Authentication and Windows 7 25 November, 2013 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - No, Watson, this was not done by accident, but by design.– Sherlock Holmes WebDAV is a useful protocol that allows us to leverage off of web technologies to deliver file system like functionality.  From a security perspective, as it uses HTTP, you can use the same policies and procedures for securing a WebDAV service that […]
Exposing Java Methods in Server Side Javascript 12 September, 2013 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - Alfresco allows for a number of Server Side languages to be used to alter and interact with the repository. Javascript is embedded in Alfresco using Mozilla’s Rhino. Web Scripts and Actions can utilise Javascript for creating powerful integrations and functionality. There is a full range of Javascript functions exposed by default within Alfresco which allow […]
A Simple iCAL Feed for Workflow Tasks 08 August, 2013 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. – Douglas Adams Alfresco comes equipped with Activiti, a vastly powerful workflow engine resting on the BPMN open standard.  The Share dashboard allows you to list and view active tasks that you have along with creating workflows from there. An important value […]
Accessing the Alfresco JMX Console remotely on Linux 07 August, 2013 by Peter Lesty Posted in: Technical - Accessing a JMX Console on Linux can be a valuable way of interacting and administering Alfresco.  The JMX Console allows you to modify sub systems on the fly as well as read memory and process utilisation information. There is a connection guide on the wiki which explains the steps required to connect: http://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/JMX To summarise […]