Ephesoft Document Capture

Ephesoft is the next generation of optical character recognition technology (OCR), with its unique Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). Ephesoft not only scans the form, but understand what the form is: invoice, letter etc. From this knowledge, Ephesoft extracts the relevant information and executes workflows mirroring your business processes. An example of this is sending invoice details such as the payment amount and due date to a finance system.


  • OCR & ICR technology
  • Price competiveness with a CPU model, no cost per click
  • Automatically classify, separate, sort and extract data
  • Reduce human errors
  • Easily integrate through its RESTful API
  • Web-based
  • 100% thin client/cloud friendly

Displayed is the ‘files’ dashboard of Alfresco.

Document Capture Para Modules

Para Modules are simple Alfresco add-ons to enhance your system. They have been created via direct response to client feedback.

Map Picker

Define an area on a map to see which documents or images are based in that particular area.