Seymour College student photo management best in class thanks to SchoolBench and Synergetic

Seymour College

Seymour College, in recently adopting SchoolBench as their best in class student photo management system, is greatly assisting their visual communication in their school community and beyond.

Seymour College produces photos and videos of their students at an exponential rate, and required a modern solution to help manage this growing challenge. Staff were processing the selection and validation of these images manually, all the while having to ensure parental concerns to publishing were being met.

Like many schools with large student bodies, getting the correct names of students appearing in images takes up time which could be better used elsewhere.

How to find the right face

Until recently, Seymour College staff had to wade through a large bank of files searching for particular images.

Once students had been identified, the College’s media team would then need to cross check each child to determine what usage permissions had been granted by their parents or guardians, a process shared by many schools.

In days of fewer photos and slower publication schedules, this approach worked well, but today the sheer volume of media creation and publication demands is calling out for a better approach.

Adding colour to the Seymour College narrative

One of the unexpected benefits of this improved workflow for digital media, has been the emergence of new story ideas.

“We were first attracted to SchoolBench for its ability to quickly identify students and (in time) allow easy discovery of student images across a range of events from our growing digital library,” says Seymour’s Digital Information Manager, Dale Flemming.

“The intuitive interface for accessing our media will mean that we may be able to discover student involvement across activities that we may not have otherwise been aware of.”

“SchoolBench is enabling us to enrich the stories that we have to tell as it increases access for more staff across the College to be able to identify and share student stories. The immediacy of student identification means that we have more time to formulate the content and tell the stories.”

“There are many components to school life at Seymour College and with images we capture daily, it communicates the experience of being a student here more vividly than ever before,” he says.

How choosing SchoolBench placed Seymour College student photo management best in class

SchoolBench has been designed for schools from the ground up with ease of use and compliance firmly in mind.

The secure web application works with existing school IT infrastructures to automate the storage, classification, and sharing of large volumes of digital assets.

In the case of Seymour College, SchoolBench has been integrated with the widely-used Synergetic school management system.

Synergetic acts as the source of truth for SchoolBench as it holds a school photo for each student and their publication permission.

SchoolBench then uses this photo as the “signature file” and then uses the signature file to cross reference parental permissions for incoming images to automate the identification and publication standards.

In fact, the images used in this story were sourced from Seymour College’s digital library by using SchoolBench.

Integration to Synergetic was achieved through SchoolBench’s API, with feeds every minute to ensure ongoing accuracy.

This is important because as students come and go, parental permissions about the usage of images change.

With this integration in place, Seymour College staff can bulk upload media files or draw upon media files for publication, knowing that students have been correctly matched, and permissions will ensure that parent wishes will always be adhered to..