“Our project team met with every
business unit to form a detailed
set of requirements. Ultimately it
was determined the Alfresco
solution proposed by Parashift
would provide the best possible
outcomes for AIATSIS.”

Lyndall Osborne
Executive Director Collections

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Nunkuwarrin Yunti

“Not only did the records
management team see vast
amounts of benefits in Alfresco, so
did other members of
management. Alfresco was seen as
a huge win for challenges they were
facing within their teams.”

Alicia King
Manager, Business Services

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NSW Department of Industry

“We unlocked over 100 years of
knowledge so the Minerals and
Resource Division of the NSW
Department of Industry can make
more informed and concise

Kieren Fitzpatrick
Managing Director

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Ego Pharmaceuticals

“As our business continues to grow
we need to continue to evolve to
ensure we have the most effective
systems and processes in place. I
like our ICT systems to enable our
people to achieve even greater

Alan Oppenheim
Managing Director

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