Supporting our staff and clients during COVID-19

Supporting our staff and clients during COVID-19

In line with Parashift’s cultural values of being connected with our community, today we implemented a policy giving our permanent, part-time and newly appointed team members access to additional paid leave in light of developments with COVID-19. 
Our people come first and I want to ensure that if any of our staff are affected, they are supported.
Additionally, aligned to our value of being responsive to customers, we are making plans for our team to work from home and support our customers remotely should the need arise. 
As a software company, we are nimble enough to do this thanks to technology. Rest assured, our customers will continue to receive the service and support required in this ever-changing environment.
Our Client Director, Henri Guillaume, has recently communicated with our clients and extended a gratis offer to all customer schools, assistance for the management of their SchoolBench libraries. 

We are acutely aware that schools are dealing with rapidly escalating issues and resources are being diverted accordingly. Whilst not medical experts, we are experts in our field and are responsive to our customers and committed to getting through this uncertain time.

We will continue to communicate with our clients openly, as circumstances change, and the world’s current business and social environment evolves.
We’re making sure we look out for our people throughout the evolving Coronavirus situation whilst ensuring that the necessary technology support mechanisms are in place for our customers. 

This is my commitment to you.

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