2018 - The Year That Was

2018 - The Year That Was

Once again I am reminded as I write this year’s summary, it has come round all too quickly. While I am not complaining, as most of us are about to enjoy some well-earned rest, time does appear to be speeding up – perhaps it’s a symptom of getting older?

2018 was a challenging and fruitful year, with several significant events that took place.

Alfresco Community

Parashift’s board approved an important change in our strategic direction to extend support to Alfresco Community and launch a new proactive managed service. Supporting Community is prohibited under the Alfresco partnership agreement, which necessitated a termination of the partnership.

Our focus and commitment to Alfresco shows no sign of abating, as we extended our service offering for all things Alfresco. Pleasingly, all our Alfresco clients elected to continue with Parashift, with the majority upgrading to the new managed service. This outcome is a testament to our delivery team and a validation of the confidence our clients have in Parashift.


In February, we released SchoolBench GA (General Availability), our digital asset management system designed with, and specifically for, the education market. As a trailblazing solution, the take-up was initially slow; however, since visiting hundreds of schools across four states and attending several conferences, the market has embraced SchoolBench with much vigour.

Since February, two further releases have taken place, adding significant functionality, most of which was requested by our ever-growing list of client schools.

SchoolBench finishes the year with clients in all Australian states and New Zealand. We have broad representation including: Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Jewish as well as non-denominational, at both primary and secondary levels.

An eye to 2019

In January, Parashift will be launching SchoolBench’s Summer Release with some fantastic new features requested by our clients.

In Term 1 (Feb – April), Parashift will be launching a Parent Portal providing schools with a secure and innovative way to share student photos and movies with their parents.

Term 2 (May – June), SchoolBench will be enhanced with an Archive module designed by school archivists of our client schools. The purpose is simple: to provide an intuitive system for the long-term preservation of both their digital and non-digital collections

On the Alfresco front, Version 6 GA will soon be available. Parashift’s support team will soon be helping our clients as a matter of priority to upgrade to Alfresco’s ‘latest and greatest’ while ensuring a smooth transition is achieved.

In conclusion as the year closes, I reflect on all the ups and downs of the year, and hold much hope and enthusiasm for the year that lies ahead.

To the leadership team of Peter Lesty and Henri Guillaume, I acknowledge their outstanding contribution to Parashift in the year. Their passion for client service and the innovative approach to solving problems is inspiring.

I wish staff, clients and partners a safe and enjoyable Christmas and prosperous healthy 2019.