AlfStream Alfresco Synchronization

AlfStream, is an Alfresco Add-On that enables users to scale their operations from one Alfresco to many, through synchronization. The strategy of having two or more Alfresco instances is beneficial to organisations facing one or all of the following challenges: the tyranny of distance, the need to grow and expand the business, or the need for a disaster recovery plan.

Powered by Apache Camel

Parashift’s AlfStream, powered by Apache Camel, uses the new integration technology of Event Stream Processing, where one Alfresco system subscribes to the events of another. Typically, an event for Alfresco replication would be creation, updates and deletions of content.

When an event occurs in one Alfresco instance, AlfStream generates a message to the system queue and updates the other Alfresco system in an ‘eventually consistent’ time frame. Therefore, if Alfresco replication does not need to be in lock-step, and 5 seconds or so behind is suitable, AlfStream is an efficient and cost effective solution for your Alfresco replication and synchronization needs.

AlfStream not only can handle the scenario of replication of content from one Alfresco to another, it can also easily scale from one Alfresco to many.


• Suitable for Alfresco scaling challenges, disaster recovery and geographically distributed processing
• AlfStream can replicate content & metadata, folders and sites
• Utilizes the Content Model Interoperability Standard (CMIS)
• Inbuilt analytics reporting dashboard
• Deployment freedom, with cloud or on-premise or both supported

AlfStream - Duplicate & Synchronize for Disaster Recovery

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