Alfresco Records Management

Parashift can assist the Australian government and private sector implement their open source, Alfresco records management (EDRMS) to facilitate sound and transparent record keeping protocols, as well as enabling more thorough capturing of documents that require declaration as records.

Alfresco provides the flexibility to manage records according to your needs, from only important items with long-term value to absolutely everything can be a record.

Features :

  • Out of the box compliance with VERS, SARKMS, AFDA, ISO 15489, GDS 30
  • In place record declaration
  • Flexible sentencing scheduling
  • Dynamic record folders
  • One system for the full lifecycle of a record
  • Rapid eDiscovery
  • Automatic sentencing and disposal capabilities

Displayed is the file plan within the records management site.

Records Management Customers

Records Management Para Modules

Para Modules are simple Alfresco add-ons to enhance your system. They have been created via direct response to client feedback.

Quick Print

Print documents directly from your browser, without having to download them.

Document Linking

Link documents from multiple locations, without having to copy or duplicate them.

Site Restrictions

Restrict Share site creation to a specific group of users along with a restriction on creating folders.

Document Deduplication

Similar content is easily identified via a ‘similar documents’ panel that is added to your system.