Alfresco Media Management

Parashift can assist Australian government and the private sector to implement their digital asset solution with Alfresco Media Management.

Alfresco media management provides the one system with an elegant and intuitive user interface to store, search, collaborate, edit, approve and publish all of your organisation’s digital assets.

  • RESTful API for easy integration
  • Annotations
  • Editing & version control
  • Approval process management
  • Automatic metadata capture
  • One platform for all rich media types
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • XThumb animated thumbnails

Displayed are some geolocated images within media management of Alfresco.

Media Management Customers

Media Management Para Modules

Para Modules are simple Alfresco add-ons to enhance your system. They have been created via direct response to client feedback.

Document Deduplication

Similar content is easily identified via a ‘similar documents’ panel that is added to your system.

Document Linking

Link documents from multiple locations, without having to copy or duplicate them.

Custom Versioning

Versioning can begin with any pair of numbers, such as 0.1 or any number that is appropriate.

Periodic Document Review

Specify a time in the future that you want a document to be placed under review.

Map Picker

Define an area on a map to see which documents or images are based in that particular area.