A Little About Us

Established in 2013, Parashift was created with the objective of making a difference to the world. Our company name is derived from Paradigm Shift, which is more than just the inspiration behind our name: it’s the difference that sets us apart.

Parashift is a privately owned company, with its headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia, which provides elegant and intuitive solutions in collaboration with our customer community.

Our journey had Parashift providing advanced document and record management solutions to government, royal commissions, not for profits and business across Australia. In collaboration with our every-growing community, Parashift launched its own range of solutions in 2017, including SchoolBench and RecordBench.

An equal opportunity employer, that supports diversity in the workforce, Parashift is a company that is about building a growing and profitable business that aims to give back to our community.

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Kieren Fitzpatrick

What our people say

  • The open office encourages us to work easily together. I am often consulted, and my opinions do count. It's a great workplace. Catherine Rowland – Test Analyst

  • The people are friendly. It's a great location and I get to work with new and innovative software. John Ryan – Product Support Engineer

  • It's a very open-minded company. There is no hierarchy, and passionate people can freely express their ideas. Desline Simon – Technical Lead

  • I work in a supportive and friendly environment, where everyone is valued and appreciated for their ideas and suggestions. David Costigan – Frontend Developer

Our Cultural values

  • Responsive – Addressing our customers’ needs, so they can continue to deliver their purpose

    Parashift strives to respond by truly understanding our customers' needs, for the purpose not only of meeting their expectations but of exceeding them.

    We achieve this by spending time to listen, with the ultimate aim of garnering a complete understanding of your situation. This approach allows for a thorough understanding of the challenges and achieves both clarity and purpose in our response.

    This clarity guides our solutions to help organisations address their customers’ needs with speed and accuracy, through tools that empower their teams.

    All employees are accountable to the customer, regardless of function or position. Parashift responsiveness can ‘turn on a dime’ as needed, as our culture of empowerment makes this possible.

    Our communication aims to be transparent and timely with our colleagues, our partners and ultimately our customers, as everything leads to them.

  • Intuitive – Our products are in tune with our customers' inner voice

    Solutions are not effective unless they are used. Our approach to engineer our solutions from the customers' point of view is paramount to becoming intuitive.

    At Parashift, we work by embracing the small voice that leads to big wins. We know our team, customers and industry and are on a constant journey of discovery.

    This means following our intuition and applying rigour. We build prototypes and test, always working towards achieving the simplest of solutions. We go beyond the data and apply a skilled decision-making process that looks for patterns, customer feedback and our own learned experiences when determining the direction to take.

    However, it is not just about taking action; the process involves deep reflection and making time to go slow in order to go fast. This leads us to a heightened level of awareness, allowing our people to access Parashift’s collective intuition and evolve ideas into dynamic and powerful solutions.

    We see intuition as a means of leading a different kind of customer-orientated conversation. This is a conversation where customers are actively involved in the development of the software. By using our intuition, our customers benefit from a holistic approach to the design of solutions that help meet their challenges.

    Parashift is a “trendsetter, not a trend follower”. We don’t seek to do the same; we shift the paradigm in its entirety. If something doesn’t sit right, we ask why? Our satisfaction comes from creating products that are transformative by nature.

    Being intuitive allows us to let go of ideas or approaches that are no longer viable to move our vision forward. Remaining grounded, we navigate through difficult choices, learning along the way cultivating new plans of actions that provide greater certainty and focus.

    Finally, we thrive when others tell us it can’t be done. Moving in multiple directions, our intuition empowers Parashift’s innovation and influence allowing us to “Make A Difference”, or, as we like to say, get MAD!

  • Collaborative – By working together, we achieve more

    Collaboration, to Parashift, is working with our colleagues, with our partners, and our customers to achieve more than if we worked in isolation.

    The very nature of our industry requires deep expertise in narrow fields so Parashift has been, from the beginning, defined by our collective culture. For us, collaboration is an ongoing journey where we bring out the best in ourselves by inspiring, engaging and mobilising others, even in the most demanding circumstances.

    Every day we leverage the power of connection sharing our ideas freely, where opposing views are encouraged. Together we fuse our individual strengths towards the achievement of a common goal. We listen, work together and collectively decide on what ways we can best advance our customers’ interests.

    Adopting a round table approach, we can generate a wealth of ideas and shared commitment to addressing exacting challenges.

    Parashift’s concept of collaboration extends far beyond its internal capabilities. We build relationships by bringing people together to offer meaningful input and support in solving our collective problems.

    Through widespread respect for our colleagues' and clients’ contributions, we focus on listening and most importantly understanding.

    The success of our collaborative approach means everyone has a say, views are robustly argued, skillsets are brought into the fray, all because there are many angles to consider in every approach. Curiosity strengthens the value from other perspectives. For us, collaboration always presents as an opportunity to learn, help and create value.

  • Connected – Creating a positive impact to our community

    We understand our role stretches beyond traditional business, as we believe in creating a positive community impact, through careers, customers and the community.

    Parashift is unwavering in this intent. We understand our ability to support the community begins with business fundamentals, and only as a successful business, can we create positive impacts for our community.

    To connect with our community, we provide careers for those with passion and drive, regardless of their circumstances.

    We listen to our customers and provide solutions designed with their needs in mind.

    It’s not all about business. We use the resources of our community, so it’s only right we give back to charities and special causes where we can.

    Community for us is a way of reinforcing our existence. It’s all about partnerships, connection, respect and responsibility. We focus on developing relationships with communities and purpose-driven organisations and help where we can.

    At Parashift, being connected is our way of contributing to the social, economic and environmental elements of our world. Not just for today but for future generations to come.

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