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Who are we?

Parashift is an Australian owned and based information technology company dedicated to creating software solutions for business and Government, no matter how complex the challenge.

The name Parashift is derived from ‘Paradigm Shift’, a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

As an Australian IT company we solve content chaos challenges that organisations face, by tailoring an ECM (enterprise content management) solution.

While our head office is in Adelaide, Australia’s hotbed for technology startups, our attention is national with offices and a client base in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

We partner with leading local and international software companies to provide modular-based, open source solutions that are delivered for clients in a truly collaborative and iterative manner, using Agile.

Parashift is an Australian & New Zealand gold partner of Alfresco, platinum partner of ArkCase and platinum partner of Ephesoft.

We specialise in offering customised solutions in:

Document Management

Parashift helps clients all over Australia implement their open source, document management systems to ensure business-critical documents are easy to find and complete with version histories. Effective document management brings cost savings as well as boosts in productivity.

Records Management

Parashift’s open source, records management solution facilitates sound, transparent record keeping protocols as well as enabling more thorough capturing of documents that require declaration as records. Parashift’s records management module, has additional compliance in AFDA, VERS and SARKMS.

Case Management

The Parashift open source, case management system enables organisations in Australia to increase efficiency, reduce costs, have high customer satisfaction and ensure compliance by taking a compendium approach to cases. Truly a new breed that has entered the case management space.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) enables the efficient use of digital assets by supporting and ensuring that up-to-date assets are used, copyright is aligned with usage and that approvals for digital assets can be tracked.

Document Capture

Capturing any document from any system such as documents received via email, through facsimile, scanner or already in shared services. But even then, electronic document processing can still be a complex manual activity.


Parashift’s solution allows for collaboration with both internal and external parties freely. This is in the form of secure file sharing, the locking of documents, the ability of workflows and sites and the add-on of a real-time collaboration app.

Want to Learn More?

Parashift provides you with tailored software, technology, consulting, systems integration and on-going support services so your business runs faster and smarter thereby bringing order to chaos. For more information about our services, please contact us.

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