A new way to manage your school’s digital assets.

Streamline your digital asset management and eliminate wasted hours searching through hundreds of audio and visual files for relevant school marketing material.

Leverage the benefits of face recognition technology and classify school photos into a simple to use drag and drop, digital storage system, indexing large volumes of assets to one central repository.


Information Management, Made Easy.With the flexibility of open source, leverage the power of Alfresco with grass root development. Manage your documents. Find your content. Share your information.

All supported by local Alfresco heroes.


Improve your information flow

With the integratability of open standards and open source, leverage the power of ProcessMaker Community to automate your business value proposition. Provide a consistent, reliable experience for your stakeholders.
Drive more value in your organisation through repeatable, measurable processes.

All supported by local ProcessMaker evangelists.


Scale your operations and go beyond

Imagine your systems in harmony, like an orchestra, in sync and in tune with each other. Connect your systems together, distribute your data, scale it to your business’ needs beyond what you believe is possible.

Many systems, one connector, for anywhere in the world.


Real time analytics customised for you

Make better decisions by transforming your raw data into information, presented as intuitive dashboards. Understand your data with reports generated from Alfresco’s usage and other line of business systems.

One spot for all your reports.